Product Review Younique makeup

I was given samples of Younique makeup products in exchange for my honest opinion.

About The Product: 

Younique’s mission is to uplift, empower, validate and ultimately help build the self-esteem of women around the world. Through high-quality products that encourage these core values – along with spiritual enlightenment – we’re enabling opportunities for personal growth and financial reward to women everywhere.

My Thoughts About The Product:

I was given samples of Younique’s  Moodstruck mineral blushed powder, Moodstruck mineral powder pigments and Moodstruck glorious face and eye primer. I love the color of the blush and mineral powder pigments.  They are so alive and vibrant!  I also love the different look ideas posted on the website. You can change your look in countless amazing ways.  I also love how Younique tells you exactly what ingredients its cosmetics are made out of. They also give you a description of the ingredients explaining what they are used for. The Moonstruck Glorious Face and Eye Primer helped my makeup stay on longer.

Anyone who would like to purchase this product can go to  Anyone who places an order greater than $30 can get a $5 rebate just let her know you’re one of my blog readers :)

I recommend this make up for anyone who wants vibrant makeup colors made from natural ingredients at a reasonable price.




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